Josephine Bracken in Las Mujeres de Rizal

Josephine is a one-act play and part of Las Mujeres de Rizal: a UP Dulaang Laboratoryo Production-Master Class Presentation in Directing with the artistic supervision of Professor Emeritus Tony Mabesa.

Based on the script by Isagani Cruz, the play presents Josephine’s life with Rizal in his final days in Dapitan exile.

See Show Photos by Emily Lerio

Cast Demii Fernando (Josephine), Al Gatmaitan (Rizal), Bobbie Razon (Manuela), Charley Magalit (Mang-aawit), Allan Ibanez (Kapitan) and the Teatro Lasalliana Ensemble (De La Salle-Cavite).

Lights Design Meliton Roxas Poster Design Marco Miranda                                        Direction Nazer Salcedo

Excerpt from Josephine’s last monologue

“Joe did try to leave the country. He said he wanted to volunteer as a doctor in the war in Cuba. I like to think that was just an excuse. I like to think that he was really going to stop in Hongkong to build a home for the two of us. Except that he did not stop in Hongkong. He kept going, at least until the Spanish authorities finally made up their minds to kill him. I saw him the night before he was shot. He begged me to forgive him for the sorrows he had caused me and told me that in the little alcohol cooking lamp, he he had hidden a paper for me — the last message to his country. Then we parted forever, for the Spanish officers refused to let me talk with him again. I went home and put on my black dress and went to the place of execution on the Luneta, as he bade me. He saw me and moved his hand. The soldiers asked him where he wished to be shot and he told them “straight at the heart” but they answered that it was impossible as he was a traitor and Rizal replied, “shoot me in the back then as all cowards do.” Eight shots were fired and he fell. Then another shot was fired as he lay prostrate on the ground. I ran to him but the Spaniards pushed me away. This was on the thirtieth of December 1896. He called me his “dulce extranjera.” Goodbye, Jose Rizal. Adios. Paalam.”

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cultural journalist, multidisciplinary artist, educator, traveller, dreamer, yogini, vegetarian, advocate
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