TAMA X: Performance Art Festival Nov. 11-17, 2012

TAMA X stands for ten years of Tupadas, ambush performance events kept alive by Tupada Action and Media Art. Since its first inception in 2002 in Rizal Park, Tupadas have been brought to the public where they least expect to witness art– experiential engagements between artists and their audience– whether they are willing seekers of rare live art that is more action packed than the usual two- and three- dimensional genres, or unwittingly just being in the perfect setting at that exact moment when an artist is performing in the most unlikely places such as public markets, bus stations, overpasses, malls, parks, bars, beaches and school grounds.

This year, Tupada Action and Media Art presents TAMA X, its 9th International Visual Performance Event. Participating in the festivities are Seiji Shimoda of Japan, Singapore’s Jason Lee, Kim Kang and Kim Kang from Korea, Yadanar Win from Myanmar, Poland’s Peter Gryzbowski, Beni Kori from Israel, and Switzerland’s Anne Rochat with Gilles Furtwängler, Dimple Shah of India and Eric Scott Nelson of USA. They will be joined by Filipino artists, headed by TAMA core group and selected artists who are part of TAMA history.

TAMA X starts on November 11, 2012, at the Kanlungan ng Sining, Luneta, Manila for an introductory symposium and event launch, a museum tour will follow. The next day, there will be outdoor performances at the same venue and the grounds of Luneta Park. Indoor performances happens at UP Palma Hall on the 13th. While street exposure at Baranggay Bangkal, Makati & Blueroom Gallery on the 14th. And then the whole event travels to the province for more artist talks, workshops and performances from November 14 to 17.

As Tupada Action and Media Art peers into the unknown future of performance art in the Philippine setting, X comes to mind — is the next step after solidarity a void that collapses upon itself, or is it a mark on a map that leads to a treasure trove of concepts that take artistic production further? Is it a point of transformation, will it multiply its scope of interests as its audience exponentially expands, or will it start again from square one?

TAMA X, the 9th Tupada International Visual Performance Event 2012 is brought to you by The Municipality of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, National Parks Development Committee, National Museum, University of the Philippines, Switzerland Embassy, 150 Years of Swiss-Philippine Relations, Japan Foundation-Manila, Israel Ministry of Culture, Heinrich Boll Stiftung-Southeast Asia, Casinos Barriere, Canton De Vaud, the Polish Ministry of Culture, and Blueroom Art Gallery. All activities are free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact:
+632-5082634 (Secretariat)

About Joanna Lerio

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