LGBT Marriage: Legalize Love in the Philippines

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“Two lives united in friendship. Two friends united in love. One love united in Christ.”

“We dedicate this Holy Union to the LGBTQ’s struggle for Equal Rights and in defiance to discrimination, hate and homophobia. We give back all the glory to God whose love is universal, inclusive and unconditional.”

These texts printed on the card for Myke and Jojo’s Sacramental Rites of Holy Union are exactly the couple’s message for witnesses of their exchange of vows held in Baguio City on December 23, 2012. A pastor and brother themselves who are advocates of equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, their union was officiated by Pastor Edgardo Constantino in behalf of Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) Makati base.

It was a lovely late afternoon of Igorot and Mindanao inspired motif. Despite the December cold, gay bearers flaunt in their gowns while the bulol ring bearers was in itself symbolic of the sacred wedding.

Pastor Constantino shared that when the couple invited him to lead the ceremony, his fervent hope was to have the strength to perform without tears. As much as every holy union performed by the MCC Philippines is a contribution to the struggle for gender rights, it is a cause of tears of joy and victory.

In that traditional part when the priest asks members of the flock, “Whoever disagrees in the marriage may freely speak or stop the ceremony,” Pastor Constantino asked instead, “Who among you are not in favor of gay marriage? You may express your violent reaction now.”

As people who are only excited and happy for the marriage of two friends, the flock could only afford to laugh and give out a round of applause.

The couple exchanged sweet words, kissed, cut the cake, opened the wine and in the end, lit and released three lanterns representing love, happiness and equality.

More information about the Metropolitan Community Church Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

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