Haiku: Earth’s Lungs

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Sweet breeze in cold hue
How can leaves dance in the sky
When night’s without you


Rushing with the wind
Past the river gushing hope
Love found but quickly lost


Eyes met in twilight
Like nothing’s impossible
Til the sun lost sight


Even birds find home
For breathing in-breathing out
Song in thunderstorm


Panaginip ba
Kung ika’y masilayan
Ngiti sa mata


Hangi’y pawiin
Kulimlim ng haraya
Langit na ilap


Kilalang dahong
Kumakaway sa ngitngit
Sa puso’y lambong


Pagsuyong wagas
Sa palad ng balaraw
Luntiang sayaw


About Joanna Lerio

cultural journalist, multidisciplinary artist, educator, traveller, dreamer, yogini, vegetarian, advocate Facebook.com/JoannaLerioOfficial Youtube.com/juanalily Juanalily.wordpress.com/ Juanalilytravels.dreamtrips.com/refer Twitter.com/JoannaLerio Facebook.com/linanganng.kulturangpilipino Artistswelfare.org/join-us/
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