Lupa: Struggle for Land Exhibit at Vargas Museum

Exhibit by Concerned Artists of the Philippines
Opening January 8, 2013 4PM
G/F West Wing Gallery, Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman

Simultaneous with The Presidents Office Installation, the exhibit features works by Boy Dominguez, Nikki Luna, Chitoy Zapata, Mel Vera Cruz, Jose Tence Ruiz, Ted Camahalan, Neil Doloricon, Iggy Rodriguez, Ugatlahi, Manolo Sicat, Renan Ortiz, Renato Habulan, Gene de Loyola, Antipas Delotavo, Buen Calubayan, Pablo Baens Santos and Gerilya.

Within the Philippine context, (lack of) land for the tilling populace has historically been a fertile ground for unrest and dissent, watered by blood and sweat. Lupa is a group exhibition by two generations of visual artists who want to contribute to the unfolding dialogues and discussions on this reality. 

The exhibit serves as both educational tool and platform for artists and advocates to explore the visual arts as a platform for advocacy: distilling essential facets of reality and creating metaphors for social critique. 

The exhibition is also a curatorial counterpoint to the show Kapital: Tribute to Labor, also held at the Vargas Musuem in 2010. Lupa gathers progressive artists, both established and new, as well as artist collectives to contribute works that provide various perspectives on the issue of land and its relation to labor and social equity. It is thematically related to the Kapital show as land and capital are considered as twin pillars of development in the Philippine context, interconnected with each other. 

The exhibit will be composed of various works in traditional and new media, in varying dimensions. The artworks will be accompanied by corresponding texts, arranged according to major themes within the show, which aim to guide the viewer through the intersecting contexts and concerns of the works. Thus, both works and texts combined convey commentaries on current events and realities.

For inquiries, contact Vargas Museum at +632 928-1927 (direct line), +63 981-8500 loc. 4024 (UP trunkline), +63 928-1925 (fax) or send an e-mail to

About Joanna Lerio

cultural journalist, multidisciplinary artist, educator, traveller, dreamer, yogini, vegetarian, advocate
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