Fierce as the Current: I, Tubbataha


(Monologue piece of Ms. World Heritage Site Tubbataha Reefs from Western Philippines)

I am enraged by the rude intrusion of USS Guardian to my sanctuary of birds, turtles and fish. I feel raped when the world thought I am a totally protected haven. Just how my corals cried when America’s minesweeper crushed my atoll lifeline. Just how my community of sea mammals were disturbed at dawn though they may already be masters of the fiercest currents and storms. Ten meters of my reef has been damaged while oil spill remains a threat to my island, the archipelago, the Asian continent and the world.

Mapping error was a lame and quite familiar alibi by arrogant members of US Navy manning the US avenger. The same soldiers who blatantly ignored Filipino park rangers’ warning as their warship was nearing my heart. I do not believe that what happened in January 17, 2013 was an innocent accident.

Here’s the catch: what both Philippine and US governments do not reveal to the public is the United State’s real business in Philippine Maldive. Is it not apparent that Malacañang knew and consented on the incidental revelation of the US warship exploration at Sulu Sea near Palawan? I bet, there are three possible reasons of US exploration in Philippine seas besides military exercises: (1) US is searching for more of my marine species to patent; (2) US is searching for high powered black carbon manganese now considered as greatest electron mineral and which was first harvested by Japan recently from the Pacific Ridge; and (3) US wants to plant weapons by my seabed as Pentagon would boast in its War at Sea plan.

Funny how US demanded to remain untouchable by Philippine security in our own territory. What a bully! Besides, so much could happen underwater in five days-and-more. Cyclopes knows since when the ship could have started drilling and diving through DENR permit or a share of tabaco perhaps at Malacanang. And if again, US Navy would find another alibi such as what happened in January 17, 2013 was just a RnR trip gone astray, their mere presence is a bastardization of our national patrimony. Go home! Go back to your parents spoiled soldiers. Even sharks have no use of your dirty blood.

And to my own Filipino people of 7,107 islands, my expression of rage can only be anchored when you besiege and stand fiercely with me against the enslaving and pacifying US-PH Military Agreement. Help me save my natural beauty from further damage. Your grandsons and granddaughters deserve to inherit a national treasure like me in my pristine.#


About Joanna Lerio

cultural journalist, multidisciplinary artist, educator, traveller, dreamer, yogini, vegetarian, advocate
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